Gang of White Thugs Hurl Slurs at Black Mom, Smash Her Car Window, Yet Somehow No One Went to Jail or Even Had a Damn Mugshot Taken

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This is America–and over in Connecticut, a mother is telling her story after she and her toddler were attacked by a racist gang of thugs.


Thaniyyah Hutchinson, 37, was driving home late on Sunday night when she saw the group of five white men and women beating up a black man on the street.

“They kept hitting him and he kept falling, but he kept getting up,” Hutchinson told Fox 61.

Hutchinson called 911, the black man managed to run away (Norwich police said they are looking for him), but the gang instead turned their racist aggression toward Hutchinson and her toddler who was in the backseat.

“They called me nigger, they called me B-I-T-C-H, told me to get the ‘eff’ out of here, they called my son names, they called him half racial, they called him a mutt,” the mother recalled to the news station, adding that the group of people jumped on the hood of her car.

Responding officers actually witnessed some of this behavior (because you know, the racists aren’t in hiding anymore).

“Especially when the officers were over there, they had witnessed some of the derogatory remarks and bigotry statements,” Lt. John Perry of the Norwich Police Department told the news station.


A 15-year-old who was among the group smashed Hutchinson’s back passenger side window, according to police, sending glass flying all over the toddler who was sleeping. The child was not hurt.

However, the incident has left Hutchinson feeling betrayed and terrified for her life and that of her son.


“You all destroyed me. I feel hurt, I’m scared, I don’t know who to trust, this is at my own corner store where I look over my shoulder and I can’t take my baby to the corner store,” she said to the news station.


The five thugs were charged, but despite their actions, words and the seriousness of their crimes, they were somehow not taken to jail and didn’t even have any damn mugshots taken (the white privilege has reached its peak).

Instead, as if they just committed a minor traffic offense or something, they were each issued summons to appear in court.


The 15-year-old, who remains unnamed is facing charges of intimidation through bigotry and racial bias, assault of an officer, risk of injury to a minor, interfering with an officer and third-degree criminal mischief (that one is going to grow up to be a regular charmer, I can tell. Racism is definitely dying out with the older generation, right?)

Meanwhile, Lindsey Wysoczynski, 25, Julie Wysoczynski, 35, and Derek Dixon, 26, of Norwich are all facing charges of intimidation through bigotry and racial bias as well, while Brenda Mejia, 57, has been charged with interfering with an officer.


“We have a zero-tolerance policy within this police department and we will not stand for any actions like this,” Lt. John Perry, who still refused to use the word “racism” told Fox 61.

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Yes...They Are Real!

I found some of their social media accounts. So far identified one employer. Listed as Mohegan Sun Casino. So I’m going through their friends list and sharing this article with all of their Black coworkers and friends. Next step, contact the employers. Will it make a difference? I don’t know.