Ga. Teen Accidentally Shoots Mother

Stephen A. Crockett Jr.
Fulton County, Ga., police were called to this home shown police say a 13-year-old accidentally shot his mother while playing with a gun he’d found in his neighborhood. 
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A 13-year-old Atlanta boy accidentally shot his mother in the neck after reportedly finding a gun in his South Fulton County, Ga., neighborhood, officials say.

According to WSB-TV, police were called to the teen's home after he reportedly fired a single shot, which struck his mother in the neck. The teen's older brother told the news station that the 13-year-old had found the gun and that they both thought it wasn't real. The gun reportedly didn't have a magazine in it but had one bullet in the chamber.


The older brother told the news station that his mother underwent surgery and is now in stable condition.

Fulton County police are still investigating the shooting but have said that they believe it was an accident. No charges have been filed, WSB-TV reports.

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