Ga. Man Pulls Gun on Construction Crew Blocking Way Home: ‘N--gers Off the Road’

Harold Bishop
Fox 5 Atlanta screenshot

A Coweta County, Ga., man is behind bars and facing multiple charges after he was caught on video threatening a road construction crew with a gun and yelling racial slurs, Fox 5 Atlanta reports.

Nelson King, who was part of the construction crew on the road at the time, told Fox 5 that he was working on Thursday morning when Harold Bishop, 72, pulled up and started shouting slurs.


“He pulled up on us and he was like, ‘Get these n-word off the road. I live here, I’ll kill you, n-word,’” King said.

According to the report, Bishop was trying to get home, but the road was closed because of construction.

King began recording the encounter on his cellphone when Bishop pulled out a gun a second time while another crew member called 911. The construction worker recalled thinking that if he could just show proof that the man had pulled out the gun, "police will get him."

Bishop left the scene but then returned, according to the report. A deputy said that when officers got to the location, they saw Bishop toss a beer bottle from his car window. The deputy said that he could smell alcohol on Bishop but could not find the gun. However, the Coweta County Sheriff's Office said that in the video you can see Bishop pointing the gun at the crew.


“I showed police the video and they seen the gun when he pointed it at us; they were like, ‘Oh, he’s got to go,’” King said.

Bishop has been charged with five counts of aggravated assault with a firearm, pointing a gun at another person, making terroristic threats, driving under the influence and probation violations, the news site notes.


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