From Pimping to Politics: Nevada Brothel Owner Wins GOP Primary

In this April 27, 2018, photo, owner Dennis Hof sits in front of the Love Ranch brothel in Crystal, Nev.
In this April 27, 2018, photo, owner Dennis Hof sits in front of the Love Ranch brothel in Crystal, Nev.
Photo: John Locher (AP Images)

You have probably heard of Dennis Hof before. His famous brothel, the Moonlite Bunny Ranch, was the subject of the HBO series Cathouse for two seasons. In 2015 he made headlines when former NBA star and Khloé Kardashian’s ex-husband, Lamar Odom, was found unconscious at his other brothel—Love Ranch—after a four-day, $75,000 stay.


Now Hof, who calls himself “the Trump of Pahrump,” is making headlines for a new reason. The author of The Art of the Pimp unseated three-term lawmaker James Oscarson to win the Republican primary in Nevada on Tuesday. He and Democrat Lesia Romanov will face off for a seat in the state Legislature in November.

Hof had a party in Pahrump, Nev., to celebrate his win. Like the pimp he is, he had “Hollywood Madam” Heidi Fleiss at his side. Hof gave our current president partial credit for his win.

“It’s all because Donald Trump was the Christopher Columbus for me,” he told the Associated Press. “He found the way, and I jumped on it.”

Hof owns half a dozen brothels in Nevada, where prostitution is legal in seven counties. That could change in November, however. Hof owns four brothels in Lyon County, and a question on the ballot asks if those types of businesses should be shut down there. Hof owns two more brothels in Nye County, where activists are gathering signatures to put a similar measure on their ballot.

While Hof thinks that the anti-brothel efforts are political retribution against him, his opponents deny that this is the case. In the meantime, Hof said Tuesday that he will sell off some of his brothels so that he can focus more on politics.

Pimping and politics aren’t that much different anyway, when you think about it. Both involve selling ass—either yours or someone else’s—for personal gain.

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Hof in Nevada, Stewart in Virginia, Grimm in New York, Blankenship in West Virginia and Gianforte of Montana, these are the people of character that represent the modern GOP principles?

Lincoln must be rolling over in his grave.