Friday's Headlines

CNN: Baltimore Surgeon Heals Wounds, Behavior

CBS: The Fight Against Colon Cancer in the Black Community

ESPN: Plaxico Burress' Lawyers Talks Plea with DA; Says "Isn't Shooting Yourself Bad Enough?"


AP: Serena Williams Voted POY; Some Argue Michelle Obama's Guns Still Superior

MTV: T.I. Gets Year and a Day; Says Year Easy, Day Hard

BJ: Fla. Unemployment Rate Tops Nation; RI, MI Cheer Then Frown

BET: GOP Wants to Keep Tabs on Mrs. Obama, Asks "You Mind Wearing This Head Scarf?"


NYT: Afghanistan the 'Winnable' War (But We Totally Appreciate the Effort in Iraq)

BB: Prez to Boost Forces in Afghanistan Because Two Wars Better Than One

Reuters: Mexico Wants More Us Funds for Drug Battle; US Totally Flush Enough to Handle That


NYT: Circumcisions Found To Curb Two STDs, Not Babies

USAT: Bishops to Boycott Michael Steele Speech; Steele Considers Doing Same

ABC: ND Levees Break in Flood Zone; Gov't Will Hopefully Not Abandon Citizens

AJE: Israel Military Goes Tuskegee on Own; Criticized for 'Unethical' Tests

BET: More Blacks Moving South; Feel Free to Riff on Ironies…Now

CNN: T.I. to Be Sentenced Today; Will Still Probably Get Out Before Shyne

ESPN: 'Nova Beats Duke; Obama to Coach K: 'Say Somethin''

AH: With Blacks No Longer Scary, Companies Market Demographic More Aggressively

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