Fresno, Calif., Police Release Video of Fatal Shooting of Unarmed White Man

Body-camera video released by Fresno, Calif., police shows officers shooting Dylan Noble twice more after he had fallen to the ground during a traffic stop in June 2016.
Los Angeles Times

Fresno, Calif., Police Chief Jerry Dyer has publicly released body-camera footage taken during the fatal shooting of an unarmed white man in June, acknowledging that "some of this video will answer many of the questions out there in this community," the Los Angeles Times reports.

Dyer said during a Wednesday news conference that he decided to release the videos because of increasing public scrutiny regarding the shooting. Noble was shot four times during the incident.


According to CNN, the incident began June 25 when officers responded to reports of a man carrying a rifle while walking down the street.

While the officers sat at a red light, they observed a black pickup making a right turn onto the road in front of them, appearing to speed away. Officers followed and attempted to pull the driver over, suspecting that he might be the man the original call was about.


When Noble turned into a gas station and parked, both officers exited their own vehicle with their weapons drawn. Noble is seen putting a hand out of the window while an officer yells at him to show both hands. Over the next minute or so of the video, Noble remains in his vehicle, not fully complying with officers' commands as the officers drew closer to the truck, Dyer says, according to CNN.

Eventually, Noble gets out of the pickup and an officer yells at him, saying that he didn't ask Noble to get out. Noble gets back into the truck and leaves the door open as officers go back to their own car.


"Let me see your hands," an officer can be heard saying repeatedly.

Noble once again exits his pickup and starts walking toward officers. Officers tell him repeatedly to get on the ground. At some point, while walking toward officers, Noble has a hand behind his back.


"What do you have in your hand?" one officer can be heard demanding.

Noble continues toward the officers, who continue to tell him to get on the ground. At one point, Noble can be heard saying, "I [expletive] hate my life."


The officer with a handgun fires twice. Noble drops to the ground and rolls on his back.

Dyer said that when Noble appears to reach for his waist, the officer fires a third shot. A few seconds later, the second officer fires the fourth shot.


Dyer said that Noble did not have a gun, but he had a piece of clear plastic containing moldable clay.


"We don't know what that is," Dyer said.

Noble's family say that they don't think that the police needed to use deadly force.


Noble's father is "extremely disappointed at the way the police handled this shooting, and he's relying on outside agencies for providing him with answers and justice," his attorney, Warren Paboojian, told CNN.

"You don't point [a weapon] at an individual for a traffic stop," he said.

Each of Noble's parents plans to file a lawsuit against the city, Stuart Chandler, an attorney for Noble's mother said.


"We're shocked and appalled that the city of Fresno would continue to defend the actions of its officers," Chandler added. "Clearly, the only appropriate response is to accept responsibility and commit to changing practices of the Police Department."

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