Fredo Jr. Headlined a Rally in Kentucky and It Was a Total Disaster

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Donald Trump Jr. headlined a rally in Kentucky and he could’ve given the exact same speech in his bathroom and it would’ve been better attended. The rally on Thursday afternoon for Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin was so bad that people wondered if it was co-sponsored by Ja Rule.


According to Newsweek, the rally was so bad that organizers asked attendees to leave their seats and come upfront and huddle close to the stage.

From Newsweek:

The president’s eldest son and his partner Kimberley Guilfoyle were rallying at Pikeville’s Appalachian Wireless Arena in support of Bevin’s re-election bid. Pike County is historically Democratic in its local politics, though tended recently to back Republicans as president.

According to WFPL reporter Ryland Barton, the event was “sparsely-attended” and “organizers have asked the audience to move out of the seats and closer to the stage.” WFPL reported that around 200 people attended. The U.S. Census Bureau says Pike County’s population is 58,402.

Bevin’s campaign and Trump Jr. did not respond immediately to Newsweek’s requests for comment; most likely because they were embarrassed that Fredo fredoed all over the place.

More people attended Brandy’s 2013 South African concert than that bullshit.

After this dismal display of clown car foolishness, Bevin tweeted: “Grateful to @DonaldJTrumpJr & @kimguilfoyle for the generosity of their time today as we celebrated all the great progress we are making in KY. McCreary, Perry, Pike and Kenton counties. More crowds & more money raised today than our opponent will see this month.”


“Matt Bevin’s small and poorly attended political event will do nothing to make the families of Eastern Kentucky forget how he’s attacked public education, ripped away health care, and insulted teachers,” Sam Newton, a spokesperson for Andy Beshear, the Democratic candidate for Kentucky governor, said in a statement to WFPL, Newsweek reports.


Which leads me to the existential question of the day: If Fredo Jr. speaks in the woods while wearing a white hood, does anyone give AF?

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Vince Mancini (film critic at had the perfect description of Don Jr. and Eric: “how do they look more inbred than late-dynasty Habsburgs?