Fox News Anchor Calls Don Lemon ‘the Al Sharpton of CNN’

Don Lemon 
Michael Kovac/Getty Images for AdColor
Don Lemon 
Michael Kovac/Getty Images for AdColor

Fox News anchor Gregg Jarrett doubled down on his attacks on CNN's Don Lemon. On Sunday the two had a war of tweets over Lemon's live, impassioned delivery of the news after receiving the verdict in the Michael Dunn "loud music" murder trial. Jarrett called Lemon a "pompous, pretentious jerk," to which Lemon replied, "mind your business old man."


According to Mediaite, Jarrett took to Fox News and Fox News Radio to bash Lemon, calling him "the Al Sharpton of CNN."

Jarrett told Fox News Radio’s John Gibson that Lemon shouldn't look down on him for being old, since Jarrett could "bring to the table a lot of experience that he utterly lacks," and suggested that Lemon could "use a measure of maturity," Mediate reports.

Jarrett continued slamming Lemon during an appearance with Megyn Kelly later in the day, saying Lemon needed to "set aside all measure of objectivity and he acted on-air as judge, jury, and executioner." Jarrett added that Lemon's behavior "incensed him," and that Lemon "had the audacity to claim, on-air, that he knows better than these jurors."

Mediaite notes that if Lemon wants a forum to share his opinions on legal matters, Jarrett suggests that he should "have a talk show" instead.

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