Don Lemon
Mike Windle

Before the jury in the trial of Michael Dunn announced its ruling on Saturday, CNN’s Don Lemon went on an epic rant about how "ridiculous" it was that the jury couldn’t come to a consensus about Dunn’s guilt for taking an unarmed teenager's life over loud music.

Lemon clearly stated how "pissed" he was about the whole situation, warning that if the jury came out with a mistrial (which it eventually did) he would definitely be among those outraged.

As it turns out, Fox News anchor Gregg Jarrett wasn’t impressed by Lemon’s stance, calling him out about his lack of objectivity and saying that Lemon took things too personally.

Lemon shrugged off the string of insults, accusing Jarrett of suffering from a bad case of the “michael dunns” and telling him to mind his own business. In a virtual shake of the head, Jarrett told Lemon he could use some experience and maturity.

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