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Former Detroit Lions running back Jahvid Best, whose football career was cut short after he suffered several concussions, is suing the NFL and helmet maker Riddell, the Associated Press reports.

Best, who was the 30th draft pick in the 2010 NFL draft after breaking multiple records coming out of California, suffered at least four concussions during his three-year career and was released after the side effects from the head trauma disabled him from making it back on the field.


According to AP, the lawsuit was filed in Wayne County Circuit Court on Tuesday and alleges that the league has been aware of the risk for its players for years and has been provided with evidence that mild traumatic brain injuries can occur from several concussions but has "deliberately ignored and actively concealed" the information.

 The lawsuit also accuses Riddell of providing defective headgear and failing to inform the players of the long-term effects of concussions, AP reports.

"The NFL, like the sport of boxing, was aware of the health risks associated with repetitive blows producing sub-concussive and concussive results and the fact that some members of the NFL players population were at significant risk of developing long-term brain damage and cognitive decline as a result," AP reports that the lawsuit reads.

"Despite its knowledge and controlling role in governing player conduct on and off the field, the NFL turned a blind eye to the risk and failed to warn and/or impose safety regulations governing this health and safety problem."


A message left by the Associated Press seeking comment from the NFL was not returned, and a Riddell spokeswoman Erin Griffin declined comment, AP reports.

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