For Ray J and LL: Things Not to Sing About


Michael Arceneaux, writing at Ebony, has a few things for the "I Hit It First" and "Accidental Racist" performers to consider before they head to the studio again.

Dear Ray J:

As proud as you are about your sexual adventures with Kim Kardashian, I think it's time someone informed you that no sex is worth obsessing over nearly a decade later. I realize most men think of their penises as magical, so you can continue to think your wand can turn random rats into Cinderella's chauffeurs all you want, but dude, enough already. Do you realize how utterly pathetic and desperate you sound with this terrifically terrible track "I Hit It First"?

For the record, you're not Kim K's first …

Dear LL Cool J:

I'm not sure if there's anything I can say to you that won't be as harsh as what our ancestors will be saying to you in your nightmares from this life into the next seven over "Accidental Racism," but it's worth trying.

What would possess you to join Brad Paisley's attempt to do an Ashanti and Ja Rule inspired duet about rocking the confederate flag on your chest and Chevy truck? I saw your house on Oprah's Next Chapter, so it can't be tax troubles. You get that good CBS check, too, so it's not as if you're breaking into sweats late at night hoping the next In The House residual check will cover the light bill.


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