Jamal Rutledge (center) and three Fort Lauderdale, Fla., police officers are being commended for helping to save another officer’s life. 
NBC Miami Screenshot

Five months ago Fort Lauderdale, Fla., police arrested Jamal Rutledge—a juvenile defendant—on probation-violation charges involving criminal mischief and burglary. Police took him back to the precinct, where Officer Franklin Foulks began processing Rutledge’s arrest. Foulks suddenly collapsed, but instead of bolting to freedom, Rutledge came to the officer's aid. Now Rutledge and three officers will be honored for their quick thinking and fast action that helped save Foulks' life.

According to NBC Miami, during the incident, which took place in September, Rutledge and Foulks were the only two people in the room when the officer collapsed. Rutledge immediately began kicking the security fence and yelling for the other officers.


"Sgt. Todd Bunin heard Rutledge's cries for help, and upon seeing Foulks clenching his chest, notified police dispatch to send help. Two other officers, Robert Norvis and Raymond Ketchmark, overheard Bunin's radio transmissions and immediately responded to assist," the news station reported. The officers cut off Foulks' shirt and "used a nearby automated external defibrillator to stimulate Officer Foulks' heart," according to the news station.

Foulks was transported to a local hospital, where he was treated, and fire rescue noted that it was Rutledge's quick response and the officers' quick action that helped save Foulks' life.

NBC Miami notes that Rutledge and officers Bunin, Ketchmark and Norvis "will be honored at the next Fort Lauderdale Commission meeting, which will be held publicly on Jan. 21."

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