Derrick Wallace and the bogus letter he claims was sent to him by President Barack Obama 
WFTV-TV Screenshot

Turns out that not everyone running for office is trying to distance himself from the president.

An Orlando, Fla.-area construction-company owner who's running for local office proudly boasted a letter of endorsement written by President Barack Obama and posted the letter on his Facebook page.

There was only one problem: The president didn't write the letter. And there is another problem: The letter proved to be rife with spelling and grammatical errors, according to WFTV-TV.

Derrick Wallace, who is running for Orange County commissioner in Central Florida, has since removed the letter from his Facebook page. The letter, which contains what looks to be an official White House emblem and the president's signature, is dated Oct. 27.    


"It was come to my attention that you are being accused of not supporting me and my campaigns," the letter states. "I have penned this note to all concerned that you fully supported me during my initial campaign and my re-election. You and your lovely wife Sharon were kind enough to house and accomadate my campaign volunteers in Orlando.

"Good luck on your election. As you know, as the number one democrat of the Democratic Party, I do not get in the middle of campaigns between two democrats. However, let this note be my wink and node," the letter continues.


The bogus letter features the use of "was" instead of "has," and the word "accommodate" is misspelled. Instead of the word "nod," the letter has the word "node," and references to "Democrat" should have been capitalized, not lowercase.

Wallace claimed that he had no idea that the letter wasn't from President Obama and he was excited when he received the letter in the mail. "I thought that was sent from the president," Wallace told WFTV. "I was so happy to get that from the president that I posted it."


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