First Wives Club Is Back, and Black Women Are Taking the Lead

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A revamped take of the iconic film, First Wives Club, is heading to television next year, and if the casting thus far is any indication, you might want to start sending calendar invites for those girls’ nights now.


For the uninitiated (or the very young), the 1996 film gave us Bette Midler, Goldie Hawn, and Diane Keaton as three middle-aged friends who reunite and reconnect over how utterly trash all their ex-husbands have been (relatable). They then vow to get revenge on said trash-lovers (still relatable). Mind you, children, this is the film where Ivana Trump delivered the iconic line, “Don’t get mad, get everything.” (The most relatable of all, though Ivana, honey, in hindsight, you shoulda broke the damn man.)

Paramount Network will be bringing First Wives Club to the small screen as a half-hour television series in 2019, and Variety has confirmed that singer and actress Jill Scott and comedian Michelle Buteau have landed lead roles.

From Variety:

Scott will play Hazel, described as a gorgeous music superstar who has faded from the limelight and lost the confidence she once had. She has a raw talent and a killer voice that’s been silenced by her husband/manager Sean for years. When she realizes that he’s been unfaithful in both business and marriage, she is ready to wreak havoc and assert her artistic identity.

Mary J. Blige, you taking notes?

And here’s what we can expect from effervescent up-and-comer Buteau, who has appeared on HBO’s 2 Dope Queens and Netflix’s The Comedy Lineup, and is currently hosting the late-night talk show podcast, Late Night Whenever on WNYC:

Buteau will play Bree, an overwhelmed mom and doctor who hasn’t let loose in years. She is fiercely loyal and committed, so when her husband cheats on her, she is deeply betrayed and not ready to forgive. With the help of Hazel and Ari, she learns to harness her sexual energy and break out of her shell.


Black women will also be playing key roles behind the scenes on The First Wives Club reboot. Tracy Oliver, who wrote the screenplay for the blockbuster comedy, Girls Trip, will write and executive produce the show, Variety reports.

It’s time to get ours ladies, and a little slice of theirs too. 

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I am ready. I AM READY!

The initial First Wives Club kicked off because one of the wives husband’s was unfaithful, causing her to commit suicide. I wonder if they are going to follow that same premise.