Findings Show That Right-Wing Extremists Responsible for The Majority of Hate Crimes in 2019

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For as much as they like to bitch and moan about the crime and violence brought to this country by immigrants, you would think they would have more to say about those who commit crime and violence in their name. I’m just saying it’s kind of funny.

New findings released by the Anti Defamation League show that far-right extremists were responsible for the majority of hate crimes last year, according to CBS News. This continues a decade long trend of white nationalists committing three-fourths of all hate crimes each year. Last year, 42 people were killed by those holding extremist ideologies. 38 of those murders were committed by people holding far-right ideologies. There were 17 deadly incidents, including the mass shooting in an El Paso, Texas, Wal-Mart that took the lives of 22 people. Earlier this month, the FBI elevated racial extremists to a national threat priority.

It really isn’t news at this point that white nationalists are one of the most dangerous groups in American society. Given that we live in a culture that encourages white aggrievement, this is probably only going to get worse. We’ve seen a rise in frequency of white nationalist plots being prevented. While the FBI seems to be taking this threat more seriously, the same can’t be said for the president who likes to focus on “radical Islamic terrorism.”


Right-wing extremism has only been growing and it probably won’t be taken seriously. Our country’s position on terrorism is basically “Okay but if it isn’t a brown person then does it really count?”

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Homeland Security would have designated at least three of the larger groups terrorist organizations if these groups were not white. Atomwaffen should be designated such yesterday.