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Kelly has been in the news lately thanks to a new album being released on streaming services while the disgraced singer was sitting in a federal prison.


I Admit It was available to stream on Apple Music and Spotify and had many wondering, including myself, how he could release a project from behind bars. Turns out, the album didn’t even last 24 hours on streaming services and was soon pulled.

According to TMZ, it’s unclear how the album was put out in the first place, and who was behind its release. The recording that could be heard on streaming services was a actually a bootleg version; whoever released it, claimed it was part of Sony Music’s catalog division, Legacy Recordings. A source from Sony Music set the record straight that this was not the case.

According to Billboard, the album was uploaded by Ingrooves, a distribution company owned by Universal Music Group.

Following I Admit It’s appearance on streaming services earlier this week, Kelly released a statement from prison that read, “LEAVE MY MUSIC ALONE!!!”