Ferguson Cop Darren Wilson a No-Show at Court Dates


Darren Wilson is sticking to the shadows for all he’s worth, to the point where six criminal cases have been dismissed against various offenders because the arresting officer (Wilson, in this case) isn’t showing his face in court to testify, The Atlantic reports.

According to Ed Magee, a spokesman for the St. Louis County prosecuting attorney, these cases were dismissed because Wilson, who has flown under the radar since he shot unarmed Ferguson, Mo., teen Michael Brown on Aug. 9, “wasn’t available.” Magee said that Wilson risks nothing with his absence because “we don’t get people in trouble for not showing up for court.”


As The Atlantic notes, the details of most of the cases are unknown, but one case was a “sixth low-level drug case connected to Wilson.”

Apparently the cop didn’t show up for the preliminary hearing in September and didn’t show his face at the grand jury appearance, either, The Atlantic reports.


Charges have yet to be filed in Wilson’s own case for shooting Brown. A grand jury is still looking at evidence concerning that case.

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