FBI Joins Search for Missing 2-Year-Old Detroit Girl

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The search continues in Detroit for a 2-year-old girl who went missing this past Friday as a result of an alleged carjacking.


The child, Bianca Jones, was in a car with her father, D'Andre Lane, when they were reportedly carjacked by two men who held him at gunpoint. Lane told Detroit Police that the car was taken by the alleged carjackers with his daughter inside. Police then swarmed the neighborhood and found the car 10 minutes away from where Lane said he was attacked, but there were no signs of Bianca.

Lane described one of the alleged assailants to Detroit police as a 6-foot-tall black male with a medium complexion and build. But Detroit Police are now questioning the accuracy of the Lane's story, and while they haven't named him a suspect, Lane failed a polygraph test about the incident. He reportedly scored low on the questions "Did you have anything to do with her disappearance?" and "Do you know where she is now?" He was also recently released from prison after serving a two-year sentence on firearm and drug charges. Lane is currently being held on an unrelated warrant.

Detroit Police Chief Ralph Godbee said that the department is taking a close look at Lane's story. "In the interest of allaying some of the fears of the public regarding the apparent randomness of Bianca's disappearance, the authenticity and credibility of the original version of events is under intense scrutiny by our investigative team," said Godbee in a statement.

The child's mother, Banika Jones, continues praying with the full support of her fellow Detroit residents for the safe return of her daughter. "We only want Bianca back. That's all we care about," said Jones. "We just want you to bring her back safe and sound or leave her somewhere safe."

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