Father of 30 Kids Wants Child-Support Break


Knoxville, Tenn., native Desmond Hatchett is in financial trouble, according the Los Angeles Times and WREG-Memphis, because he can't afford his numerous children. Hatchett has fathered 30 offspring with 11 different women and is unable to pay the court-appointed child-support sums with the salary he earns as a minimum-wage employee. Some of the mothers of Hatchett's children get only $1.49 a month.

The Los Angeles Times reports:

His inability to make child-support payments on such a meager salary also means he's back in court again and again, most recently to ask for a break on those payments.


"Yes, we've got several cases with Mr. Hatchett," Melissa Gibson, an assistant supervisor with the Knox County child support clerk's office, said with a sigh …

Under the law, there's nothing officials can do to force Hatchett to keep his pants on.

"If there's something out there like that, I'm unaware of it," Gibson told The Times, before adding, "It definitely needs to be."

Gibson said Hatchett is believed to hold the Knox County record for most children. (He'd hold a similar record in most counties in the U.S., which might explain why news of his predicament was pinging around the Internet on Friday.)


Read more at the Los Angeles Times.

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