Family Searching for Answers After Young, Aspiring NYC Model Is Killed in the Country of Jamaica

CBS New York screenshot
CBS New York screenshot

The mother of a 26-year-old aspiring model is searching for answers after her daughter was found brutally killed in the country of Jamaica.


According to CBS New York, Desiree Gibbon, whose father is from Jamaica, had traveled in October from the Hollis section of New York City’s Queens borough to Montego Bay, where she was staying at a hotel owned by her grandmother, with hopes of making a documentary.

Those dreams tragically came to an end after her body was found Sunday on the side of a road, 4 miles away from where she was staying. Her throat had been slashed, according to the report.


Gibbon’s mother, Andrea, told the news station that her daughter had made friends on the island and promised that she would never go out at night alone.

“My belief is it was a cold, calculated, planned-out murder,” Andrea Gibbon said. “It wasn’t a random act of violence. It is somebody she knew, somebody she trusted and somebody who betrayed her.”

Now, instead of Desiree returning home as planned Thursday, her parents are scheduled to fly to Jamaica on Friday to meet with investigators, and hopefully retrieve their daughter’s body to bring back for a funeral.

A GoFundMe has been started to help the family, and had raised $22,556 of a $30,000 goal in just two days.


Read more at CBS New York.

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This is sad and horrible, but Jamaica is a very dangerous place these days. A lot of the violence has moved from Kingston to Montego Bay. The violence is frequent and senseless. We’re talking tourist killed for 50 American Dollars. The safer parts of the island are on the other side of the island and in some of the rural parts. So if you’re making a documentary, you have to be so careful.