Carlos Alcis (ABC 7 screenshot)
Carlos Alcis (ABC 7 screenshot)

Forty-three-year-old Carlos Alcis' family says he was literally scared to death when New York City police officers entered his home chasing a cellphone thief, the Daily News reports. The Brooklyn district attorney's office on Friday announced an investigation into the incident, which occurred Thursday.

Word of the DA's probe emerged Friday just before police arrested 16-year-old Stephon Foster, who lives in the same Brownville building.

A teenage terror with four other arrests on his rap sheet, Foster was busted after his prints were found on the phone, which cops tracked down by using the victim's Find My iPhone app.

Foster was charged with robbery and possession of stolen property.

The probe and the arrest were sparked by a series of events on Thursday.

The developments came after police sources raised doubts about the family's account that cops barged into 43-year-old Carlos Alcis' apartment and rousted him from his bed. 

The family insists the terrified father of eight collapsed into convulsions and then died of an apparent heart attack after police dragged two of his sons out of the apartment for questioning.

"My brother was asleep and they took my little nephew out," Rudy Alcis, 40, said. "When they took him, (Alcis) didn't know what was happening. He kept asking, 'What's happening? What's going on?'

"When they took my second nephew out, my brother fell on the floor. When he fell on the floor, he started shaking."


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