Fair Worker Gets Hands and Unemployed After Calling Guest the N-Word

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Under no circumstances is it OK for a white person to drop the hard-R. It’s a one-way ticket to catching all of the hands. A fair worker learned that the hard way when he tried it and wound up both beat and broke.


According to NBC News, a ride operator at a Florida fair was fired after repeatedly calling a guest the N-word. Video of the incident was captured by Trevor Reiland. According to Reiland, the ride operator called a black guest’s wife “a bitch.” The guest then asked the operator to “Come talk to me,” while hitting his arm multiple times. The operator, being totally reasonable, responded by calling the man “a stupid mother fucker,” and a “stupid nigger bitch.” The guest jumped onto the platform the man was standing on and proceeds to grab him by the hoodie and throat while attempting to pull him off the platform.

In addition to getting his shit rocked, the ride operator was promptly fired after video of the incident went viral on Facebook. Reithoffer Shows, the company that provides workers for fairs in Lee County, released a statement saying “Regardless of the provocation, there is no excuse or tolerance for discriminatory or offensive actions directed to a patron, guest or anybody else for that matter.”

I know this is Florida, so maybe workplace racism is just handled differently over there, but what was this old man thinking busting out the hard-R at work? I’m just very curious where exactly he thought this was going to go. I watched the video and off jump, the ride operator had no chance of taking the man if it came to blows. Did he really think his boss was going to be like “You’re right, he was being a real n-word,” when they found out?

White people mystify me, y’all. I’ve never hated something so much I’d ruin a check over it.

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