Facebook Testing "Satire" Tag, And It's All Because Of Your Cousins


One of the many micro-aggressions that regularly occur for Black folks on Facebook is having to witness several shock-inducing status updates with "exclusive" news on their timelines, linking to shady websites and claiming it as truth. George Zimmerman selling a Trayvon Martin painting. Some "hidden" video of a rich Asian man exposing Black folks and why they can never win. Bacon becoming illegal. And, my personal favorite, Allen Iverson begging for change outside of an Atlanta mall.


Two of those were actual "news" stories. The other could be on your timelines today.

So, Facebook is apparently swooping in to save the day, testing out a "satire" tag for sites like The Onion so your cousins don't get it twisted. My only hope is that they tag actual satire sites and not the lying ass liar click-baity sites that claim satire (Yes, this means you The News Nerd.) But, that's a (sub) micro-aggression discussion for another day.

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I think fb tagging articles is a good idea. In fact, I think they need to tag more than satirical stuff. They need to tag everything. There are some seriously stupid people in the world, why not give them a little help? Those people are the ones running around giving misinformation at every opportunity. This may stop some of that.