The 16-year-old arrested in an ice-skating rink shooting in New York City's Bryant Park threw f-bombs and smiled at reporters as detectives escorted him in handcuffs out of the Midtown South Precinct stationhouse en route to court, the Daily News reports.

Cory Dunton was arrested early Sunday after police cornered him in his apartment, even as he continued to update his Facebook profile.


The shooting occurred after Cory alledgedly approached Javier Contreras, 20, and told him to give up his Marmot Mammoth $600 coat. After Contreras told the 16-year-old no, Cory left the rink and returned shortly afterward with a gun. Contreras was shot three times, and a 14-year-old skater, Adonis Mera, who had nothing to do with the incident, was hit in the back. His family fears that he may be paralyzed.

When a Daily News reporter asked Cory if the incident was over a coat, he shot back, "It wasn't over a jacket," he barked, still wearing a smirk. "It was over your mother," the Daily News reports.

NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly said Monday that not being given the jacket during the apparent robbery was indeed what drove Cory to fire on the crowded skating rink. "He says something to the effect of 'I want your jacket,' " Kelly said, recounting what Dunton told Contreras. "The victim says no, but obviously more heated words may have been used," the Daily News reports.


When Cory returned to the rink and spotted Contreras, Kelly said, he cleared several skaters who were in front of him out of the way and squeezed shot at least eight times.

Cory was ordered held in protective custody without bail at his arraignment Tuesday morning. His father, Corey Dunton Sr., disputed the version of his son being played out by authorities and witnesses.

"He's only a kid," Dunton told the Daily News. "Did you see a weapon?"

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