In a recently released video shot from outside his Englewood, N.J., home, the Brooklyn, N.Y., rapper can be seen going HAM on his longtime partner, Emily Bustamante, also known as stylist Emily B., and her father outside the home Fabolous and Bustamante share with their two children.

On Saturday, TMZ released the video of the incident in which Bustamante is seen running away from Fab (real name: John David Jackson) while his bodyguard restrains him. Bustamante’s father is also in the video yelling at the 40-year-old rapper, who looks to be holding something metallic in his hand.


“If you ever come around me ever again ... ” Fab can be heard saying in the clip, addressing Bustamante’s father.

“That’s my motherfucking daughter,” Bustamante’s father says. “You are a coward.”

“Get the fuck away from me,” Fabolous tells him. He can then be heard telling the older man that he has a bullet with his name on it.

Both Bustamante and what sounds like a child can be heard screaming in the video.


Earlier this week, Englewood police charged Fabolous with aggravated assault and making terroristic threats. He turned himself in Wednesday and received a court summons for a later date, according to

The fight allegedly started because Bustamante was in Los Angeles at the same time as Fabolous (as evidenced on Instagram). Bustamente later asked her dad and brother to come to their home to remove two guns from the house because she was afraid that Fabolous would use them against her after he threatened her, according to the report.

Advertisement reports that Bustamante told police that Fab once punched her in the face seven times, causing her to lose her two front teeth.

“This is only an argument,” Alberto Ebanks, Fabolous’ attorney, told TMZ. “There certainly is no crime being committed. If what you see in the video were a crime, we’d have to build more jails.”