Ex-NFL Running Back Joseph Randle Rips TV Off Prison Wall, Faces More Charges

Joseph Randle playing for the Dallas Cowboys in 2015 
Tom Pennington/Getty Images
Joseph Randle playing for the Dallas Cowboys in 2015
Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Former Dallas Cowboys running back Joseph Randle is a pretty sore loser.

In February of this year, the 24-year-old was at a Wichita, Kansas, house party playing beer pong when an argument broke out over who won the game. Authorities say that Randle pushed the man he was playing against. The scuffle was defused quickly, but Randle went downstairs and began wilding out on other guests, according to authorities.

He was asked to leave the party and was walked out by several other guests. Then, instead of getting in his car and driving away, Randle drove his car straight toward the guests, sending one man over the roof of his car, officials say, and hit two more guests with his car before finally leaving. He was arrested and later transferred to a mental-health facility and then jail.

Randle's been locked up since the incident, and according to TMZ Sports, Randle has now been charged with criminal damage to property after authorities say he ripped a television off the wall and broke it because he wasn't allowed to watch a television show.


Randle has been in and out of prison for some time, having at one point been arrested six times in a 17-month period. Randle, a fifth-round pick in 2013, once had a promising NFL career. He started the 2015 season as the Cowboys’ starting running back before being released in November of that year.

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