Everybody Wants a Diversity and Inclusion Officer, but How Can They Reshape the Face of Corporate America?

Netflix’s Verna Myers and the Carlyle Group’s Reggie Van Lee
Netflix’s Verna Myers and the Carlyle Group’s Reggie Van Lee
Photo: Courtesy Photo

When protesters took to the streets in 2020, it was clear—the status quo wouldn’t do. There needed to be a change, tangible and real, to how our government and our corporate structures do business. From reckonings in the media at Bon Appetite and the New York Times to a rapidly changing corporate landscape where more and more businesses are hiring diversity and inclusion officers to better shape their workforces and improve their initiatives around diversity.


But what does a diversity and inclusion officer actually do? And how do they fit in this larger social justice movement, pushing us all towards inclusivity?

This afternoon, as part of the final week of The Root Institute, check out this conversation with G/O Media’s Head of Multicultural Sales, Michael Clark; Verna Myers, Netflix’s vice president of Inclusion Strategy; and Reginald Van Lee, the Chief Transformation Officer of The Carlyle Group, to learn more about one of the hottest roles in corporate America.

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