Ever Seen an Anti-Karen Out-Karen a Karen? It's a Sight to Behold

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Screenshot: @kuntacourtnay/ Tik Tok

I’m not going to lie: The first time I saw this video, I thought I was watching a classic case of Karen-on-Karen crime. I was ready to launch into a whole bit about how the Karen Lives Matter movement is full of hypocrites because all they do is complain, complain, complain about systemic Black-people-roasted-me-ism, but fail to deal with the problems within their own community.


As it turned out, I was not watching two white women have a Karen-off while perpetuating negative stereotypes and proving once and for all that they have a culture problem, not a race problem. Instead, I was watching a Black woman in the midst of a parking lot dispute with a hilariously agitated white woman whom she chose to troll by doing possibly the greatest, most Oscar-worthy performance of a bonafide Karen I have ever witnessed. She is who I affectionately call the “anti-Karen.”

The video was recorded by the Black woman—whose Tik Tok handle is @kuntacourtnay—while she was sitting in her car, apparently, after some kind of traffic dispute with the white woman, who was clearly hopped up on Karen juice and needed to chill.

“And you park like an idiot,” Deadpool Karen (that’s what I call the Black woman because she’s just become my new favorite anti-hero, and I’m ready to send Marvel a pitch as we speak) can be heard saying from her driver’s seat.

“You’ve been reported,” Karen-from-the-block said, to which Sista Soldier the Karen-Troller responded, “Oh, I’m already reporting you too, baby.”

“This girl is harassing me,” the white woman is heard saying despite the fact that she appeared to be circling her arch-nemesis’ car with her own camera phone because she clearly doesn’t see herself as the villain in this story.


“She’s put my life at risk and my child’s life at risk,” Cobra Karen continued. “You’ve been posted all over Temecula Talk.” (Apparently, this all took place in Temecula, Calif. I’m still not sure what “Temecula Talk” is, but I’m imagining a virtual “manager” available for all Karens and their Karen haircuts to speak with. Oh, wait, there’s a site.)

That’s when Decepti-Karen attempted to play the race card—and I’m still wondering where that bit of white nonsense was headed.


“I wonder if I was a Black woman...” she said repeatedly before being cut off.

Seriously, what the fuck was she about to say? The next words about to come out of her mouth better have been, “...would my leftover Thanksgiving dressing made with apples, apricots and fuzzy Birkenstock lint keep ending up in the trash?”—otherwise, she was about to say some bullshit.


Anyway, Hydra Karen started to approach Not-yo-Karen’s car and the Black woman can be heard shouting, “Get the fuck out of my way! Get away from my car! Six feet!”

“You better back up!” Darth Karen shouts as she whips out her pepper-spray.

“Oh, I’ve got some too!” my hilarious hero said.

The video cuts off while the two women are still shouting over each other with the white woman crying for someone to call 911 and the Black woman repeatedly shouting, “Get away from my car,” “Six feet,” and “Help!”


I stan.



I’ll just leave this here.