Erica Garner Recorded Justice Department Meeting on Father’s Choke Hold Death

Erica Garner (Andrew Burton/Getty Images)
Erica Garner (Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

Erica Garner may be physically gone from this world, but her fight and legacy live on.


On Tuesday afternoon, posted to her Twitter account was video from a Department of Justice meeting recorded by Garner herself and showing officials from the department telling the family last year that a decision in the federal investigation into Eric Garner’s police choke hold death could be “months” away.

Of course, more than “months” have passed, since that recording was taken back in June, as the New York Daily News notes.

“I did just tell you that I think we will be in the decisional point in the next several months,” one Justice Department representative can be heard telling the family during the June 21 meeting. “We’re not talking about no decisions being made on this case in 2018. That is not where we’re at.”

Beyond that, officials were tightlipped about the details that were being given to the family.

And now here we are, in January, with fewer answers still. However, according to the Daily News, the investigation remains active.

Read more at the New York Daily News.

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I thought Sessions had long since shut this down along with a bunch of other police brutality investigations Justice was doing?