A White House employee holds a copy of the ‘Narrative Schedule For The President’ before President Donald Trump announces his decision to pull out of the Paris climate agreement at the White House June 1, 2017 in Washington, DC.
Photo: Chip Somodevilla (Getty Images)

The treasonous White House is at it again. Normally when they issue an official statement regarding American interests, they have someone who reads over the document to sub out the word “Russia” and replaces it with “United States.” Well, it’s Friday, so that person must already be checked out because the White House just issued a statement and they can’t even spell “United States” correctly.

A screenshot of the tweet, which was captured by Raw Story and has since been corrected, clearly shows that we are entering into the final days of a free America as we know it.


It’s clear that White House officials cheated their way through spelling and phonics and social studies because we, as a nation, have gotten used to the misspellings come out of the Clampett compound. Trump even misspelled his wife’s name, but that’s understandable considering he thought all this time her name was Stormy.

Raw Story even notes that the Congressional Budget Office once inaccurately spelled the word “inaccurately.” Which brings me back to an important piece that The Root staff writer Michael Harriot once wrote questioning whether the senior most Trump struggles with big words like “honesty” and “fidelity.”


Also, nothing says Russian collusion like misspelling the United States. Seriously, some of this is just too easy.