Ruth Hunter

Ruth Hunter was stunned one morning earlier in April when her front door abruptly flew open and she heard shouts of "Police!" WTVR reports.

"I thought someone was breaking in to rob or kill me," the 75-year-old Virginia grandmother, who likes to keep to herself, told the news station.

But it was state law enforcement conducting a raid for a drug investigation, and they tied up the elderly lady's hands before peppering her with questions.

"They asked me if I ever stored drugs for anybody. I said, 'How dare you insult my integrity?' " Hunter told WTVR. "Took my hand and handcuffed me with the ties, and then, after they did that—because they told me I was under arrest … that's when they proceeded to ask questions.

"He asked if maybe my granddaughter was involved. I sat up in my bed, like, 'How dare you try and bring my granddaughter into this stuff?' She's a law-abiding citizen, works for a living; she don't even like coming here," Hunter added.


The officers eventually stopped questioning her but left her tied up to investigate another apartment two doors down. The man at that apartment was eventually arrested in what appears to have been a mix-up. According to WTVR, the search warrant does have Hunter's address and apartment number, but authorities found nothing incriminating in her apartment.

Hunter has lived in the Henrico County apartment for six years and has never interacted much with others … but she's disturbed by her ordeal and now plans to leave. She says that what upsets her even more, though, is the fact that the officer never apologized for the confusion.

"I'm angry. I'm very angry. I'm very irritated because he never came back … and said, 'Ma'am, I apologize, I'm sorry.' [Instead] he said, 'Oh, you can get somebody to fix your door,' " Hunter said.


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