Dropped Call: White House Communications Director Steps Down

"Listen, this is what we're gonna need you to say…"

Anita Dunn is calling it quits.

Dunn, the White communications director who made the (reasonable though regrettable) assertion that Fox News was a wing of the Republican Party, has stepped down from the position. Taking her place will be her deputy, Dan Pfeiffer. From the Washington Post:

"Dunn, a longtime Democratic media consultant, took over the job on an interim basis earlier this year when Ellen Moran abruptly left the post to take a job at the Commerce Department. Dunn will return to Squier Knapp Dunn, the consulting firm where she is a partner, but will remain as a consultant to the White House on the communications and strategic matters.

The move will be formally announced later today.

On Oct. 11, speaking on CNN, Dunn attacked Fox News as "a wing of the Republican Party." Her comments sparked a fresh battled between the White House and the network. In response to the criticism, Fox News executive Michael Clemente said in a statement that Obama's aides had decided to "declare war on a news organization."

A source inside the White House, who was not authorized to speak about strategy meetings, said at the time that Dunn went out front against Fox first and foremost because it was her job, but also because it potentially gave the administration the opportunity to distance itself from the flap with the Roger Ailes-led news channel once she leaves the communications job."


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Falling on the sword for the president, huh? How Condi Rice of her.

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