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Draymond Green on Knicks Owner: He's Got That Slave Master Mentality

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images
Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Golden Stare Warriors big man Draymond Green is not here for the fuckshit. Green cut through the weeds to get to the heart of what he believes has driven a wedge between New York Knicks legend Charles Oakley and Knicks owner James Dolan.


Last week, Dolan and Oakley’s relationship came to a head after Oakley was booted from Madison Square Garden. Oakley was arrested and charged with three counts of assault stemming from his encounter with MSG security guards.

The public eviction lead to a war of words in the press and included a lifetime ban of Oakley which was later rescinded after Michael Jordan got his Iyanla Vanzant on and helped squashed the beef.


Although, Scott Cacciola and Mike Vorkunov of the New York Times claims that  Dolan offered an apology Tuesday, but Oakley did not accept it.

The part that Green wasn’t too pleased with Dolan though was the owner implying that Oakley had a drinking problem that he needed to get help with.

“You doing it for me, it’s all good,” Green said on his Dray Day podcast. “You doing it against me—you speaking out against my organization—it’s not good anymore? That’s a slave mentality. A slave master mentality. That’s ridiculous.”

Green continued: “That’s not something that you say to the world. That’s not classy at all. It’s not OK for you to go say to the world as a multibillion-dollar organization. How can you even pin that on someone? Just throw that out there. That’s grimy. I think that’s wrong.”

Senior Editor @ The Root, boxes outside my weight class, when they go low, you go lower.

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Meh. Dolan and Draymond are both shitheads. I don’t think Oakley would piss on either one of them if they were on fire.