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Muddy, the King of Memphis.

That’s who was on the program as the “Special Guest Male Impersonator” during a drag king performance for a local youth suicide prevention group fundraiser in Hawaii.


Well, it turns out that Muddy, the fucking King of Memphis was some old minstrel-show shit.

According to Queerty, whoever the fuck Muddy actually is, thought it would be appropriate to perform in full blackface during a performance at the Kauai Beach Resort last Friday during the “A Show Fit for a Queen,” charity event hosted by several local drag performers.


Queerty notes that the several of the performers were well-known but no one knows, or at least no one is claiming to know, Muddy, The King of Memphis.

A short clip of Muddy, The King of Memphis boo-boo ass performance was posted to Gary Clayton Brown’s Facebook page.

Seriously, look at this shit.

Brown also had this to say on his Facebook page about the performance.

2018: Drag King just came out in black face…WTF Hawaii?!? Update: A lot people with questions. I have no idea what organizers knew ahead of time. This was not at a bar, some event space for the fundraiser. The organizers did cut the spotlight and music about 45 seconds into their performance. It looked like this person had two other numbers on the set list but they cut them from the show.


The event was produced by the drag bar Scarlet Honolulu who shucked and jived its way through their side of the story

“I arrived 20 minutes late,” Matt Sagum, one of its promoters of the show, said on Facebook. “When I got backstage I didn’t notice her at first. Once I got settled in, I looked up and saw.”


“One of the other queens pulled me aside and was like ‘WTF is that?!’ To which I had no response other than ‘That is not going to fly’. By the time this conversation ended it was my turn to go on stage.”

“I finished my number and immediately went to the show organizer. I told her either Muddy goes or the rest of us are out of here. The organizer had her leave and the rest of the numbers were canceled.”


I still have a number of questions...

Why is Muddy’s blazer so long?

Was Muddy drafted into the NBA in the 90s?

Does Muddy shop from the Steve Harvey collection?

Is Muddy “niggerfishing,” or is this “mudfishing?”

Is that really blackface or does Muddy just have a dark tan like this woman?


Also, where does one buy blackface? It is sold on the racism aisle at Walmart along with Confederate flags and pre-tied nooses or must one order it from the secret white section of Amazon where people buy Nazi armbands (I’ve always wondered why the stitching is so nice. They must ship it from overseas. There’s no way that it’s free Prime 2-day delivery). Maybe it comes from the Trump store and it’s free with the purchase of 2 MAGA hats.

Obviously, the people of Memphis couldn’t pass up this deal.

Where else can you get pay for a drag show and get a minstrel performance?

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