Donor Found for Georgia 2-Year-Old Denied Kidney Transplant Because of Father’s Probation; Tyler Perry Gifts Child’s Mom a Car

WGCL-TV screenshot
WGCL-TV screenshot

About a month ago, things were not looking very good for one Georgia family. Little A.J. Burgess needed a lifesaving kidney transplant, which he was denied all because his father—a more than perfect match—violated his probation terms, and the health of the 25-pound 2-year-old who was born without working kidneys was rapidly declining.


Fast-forward and things are definitely looking up for the Burgess family, after A.J.’s mother received the good news that another kidney donor had been found for her son, mere hours after she was gifted a car to help her with transportation to meet her son’s needs.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Carmellia Burgess brought little A.J. home from the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta hospital on Nov. 8 after he had spent a little over a week there.

The family had been resigned that they would have had to wait for news about whether the tot’s father, Anthony Dickerson, would be able to donate his kidney after the issues with his criminal history.

A.J., in the meantime, attempted to ward off deadly infection, contracted pneumonia, had to have a surgery to implant a new port for his dialysis treatments and had to receive blood transfusions during his hospital stint. His mother didn’t have a car to get him to his hemodialysis appointments three times a week, she revealed on Facebook.

And then, on Tuesday, things started unfolding, starting with actor and filmmaker Tyler Perry’s gift to Burgess of a brand-new car.


Hours later, the family learned that a kidney from a deceased donor would be given to A.J. on Wednesday, according to family attorney Mawuli Davis.


How’s that for a delightful twist?

According to Fox 5 News Atlanta, A.J.’s surgery began at 7:30 a.m. on Wednesday at Emory University Hospital and was scheduled to last three hours.


Read more at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and Fox 5 News Atlanta.


"Not a real" DrDonna

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