Donald Trump to Visit Black Church in Detroit

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump speaks at an event Aug. 27, 2016, in Des Moines, Iowa.
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Donald Trump is moving forward with his plans to reach out to African-American voters, making what the Detroit Free Press is calling his "first foray" into black churches by visiting the Great Faith Ministries Church in Detroit on Saturday.

According to the report, Trump will also tape an interview with the church's bishop, Wayne T. Jackson.


Jackson, the Free Press reports, told his parishioners that the visit was planned, announcing that the interview will be broadcast on his Impact Television Network. However, the bishop emphasized that the visit was neither a rally nor an endorsement of Trump's candidacy.

"Media outlets throughout the country are seeking to get access to the presidential candidates, and we have been afforded that opportunity with Mr. Trump and hopeful that we will get to interview Mrs. Clinton as well," Jackson said in a statement. "The goal for this interview is to get real answers and Trump’s views and plans on policies that affect our community.

"We hope this invitation to both candidates will result in an opportunity to get clarity on some of the issues that have a particular impact on our community," the bishop added. "The 2016 presidential election is a determining factor on the direction of our country and we want to make sure we are providing an opportunity for an informed electorate to make the best decision possible."

Trump, according to campaign manager Kellyanne Conway, has planned meetings in inner-city churches for the rest of the campaign.


"We're fighting for every single vote. We're going to leave it all on the field. And that includes going where the voters are and taking the case directly to them in their churches," she said.

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