Donald Trump Jr.'s Bae Kimberly Guilfoyle Left Fox News Amid Dick Pic Scandal: Report

Kimberley Guilfoyle
Kimberley Guilfoyle
Photo: Chris Jackson (Getty Images)

Donald Trump Jr. is a lot like his father. He too was married and had that marriage dissolved amid cheating rumors.


Trump Jr. left the marriage, started working out and posting Republican thirst trap photos on IG and was quickly linked to Fox News anchor Kimberly Guilfoyle.

Side note: A Republican thirst trap photo is anything showing egregious amounts of wealth beating up on the poor. An example would be freshly polished wingtip shoe stepping on the back of a sleeping, homeless man. 

Shortly after Trump Jr., aka Not-Ivanka, and Guilfoyle became a rumored couple, it was announced that Guilfoyle would be leaving Fox News. Now, the scuttlebutt is that Guilfoyle departure may not have been voluntary and that she was subject of sexual misconduct claims made against her.

According to HuffPost, who spoke to 21 unnamed sources, Guilfoyle was reportedly a damn mess who was running around the office showing dick pics to colleagues.

“Six sources said Guilfoyle’s behavior included showing personal photographs of male genitalia to colleagues (and identifying whose genitals they were), regularly discussing sexual matters at work, and engaging in emotionally abusive behavior toward hair and makeup artists and support staff,” the HuffPost article says.

Guilfoyle, who worked at Fox News as a weekend host and legal analyst, never got to say goodbye to her viewers, but instead announced her departure on Instagram. She claimed that she was leaving the news station to work for the president as the vice chairwoman of America First Policies, a nonprofit organization that supports the president’s agenda.


Well, HuffPost’s article is calling bullshit, noting that Guilfoyle had been under investigation for a year as she was reportedly running around the Fox News office showing colleagues dick pics that she’d received and outing the sender.

Yahoo News reports:

“The investigation reportedly began last year, with sources claiming that HR warned Guilfoyle about her conduct. The network—which has a history of sexual misconduct scandals, resulting in the exits of Bill Shine, Bill O’Reilly and Roger Ailes—is said to have given Guilfoyle time to find new employment rather than fire her outright.


Guilfoyle’s also served HuffPost with a legal notice disputing the story as false.

“Any accusations of Kimberly engaging in inappropriate workplace conduct are unequivocally baseless and have been viciously made by disgruntled and self-interested employees,” John Singer, a lawyer who represents Guilfoyle, told HuffPost. “During her lengthy and decorated tenure with the company, Kimberly was beloved, well-respected, and supportive of anyone she ever met. It’s utterly preposterous that there are those who are nefariously and greedily twisting innocent conversations amongst close friends into much more than what it actually was for financial gain. Kimberly has happily moved onto the next chapter of her life and hopes others will do the same.”

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So everyone at Fox News knows what Don Jr.’s dick looks like. I hope it’s all they can see when they close their eyes at night.