Donald Trump Jr. Broke Up With the Secret Service Just a Week Ago, but They’re Reportedly Back Together Again

Leigh Vogel/Getty Images
Leigh Vogel/Getty Images

Previously, on White House Apprentice, Donnie Jr. decided that he no longer needed his Secret Service detail, and he would much rather live his life in privacy—without a law-enforcement detail that could be called to testify about things they see or hear while protecting him all up in his damn business.

Apparently Donald Trump Jr. has changed his mind about all that, because now the Secret Service detail is back on him. CNN reported Monday that it is unclear what prompted the younger Trump to reinstate the agency’s services.


For as long as Donald Trump is president, the law provides Secret Service protection for every member of his immediate family, but they are not required to take it.

According to CNN, Donnie Jr. previously requested that the Secret Service not accompany him on a family trip to the Bahamas that he took in June. The Secret Service reportedly pushed back on the request, but Trump Jr. insisted that he and his family travel on a yacht for several days without his full detail.

His Secret Service protection has since been restored to what it was.

So he took a weeklong break from the Secret Service. I wonder why? What did Little Donnie do last week? Where was he? Why would he take the detail off and then put it right back on a week later?


Also, why is one of the president’s children treating the Secret Service like an unsatisfactory room service dish? Isn’t this wasteful?

Something in the milk ain’t clean.

Let’s keep an eye on this.

Read more at CNN.

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