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Donald Trump Has a Doppelgänger: A Spanish Woman Who Farms Potatoes

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Photo: Chip Somodevilla (Getty Images)

Of all the things a person could gain notoriety for, being a doppelgänger for Donald Trump is probably not very high on the list.


Think about it. Who wants to look like the dotard in chief, all orange spray tan and squinty-eyed, with curiously attached hairpiece (that is a hairpiece, right?) flopping every which way in the wind? He’s not the prettiest crayon in the box.

Whether or not one woman was looking for the fame, she most certainly has it now. As reported by Business Insider, a journalist was visiting a rural area in Cabana de Bergantiños in northwestern Spain to interview potato farmer Dolores Leis Antelo for a story. After her photo was posted to the journalist’s Instagram account, others noticed her uncanny resemblance to Trump.


So if you ever wanted to know what Trump would look like as a woman, now you do.

For her part, Antelo is reportedly amused that people think she looks like Trump. Her picture has been shared across the internet with the hashtag #SenoraTrump.

I’m willing to bet she’d make a better president than Trump.

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How y’all gonna do someone’s poor abuéla like that, LOL!