Donald Trump Exaggerates Wealth: Surprised?

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Donald Trump, a man who has built his reputation on his insurmountable wealth and power, may have been lying about it for all these years.

Last night, CNN legal analyst and former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer pulled transcripts from a 2007 lawsuit in which Trump was involved. When asked if he ever exaggerated in statements about his property, he replied, "I think everyone does." Ironically, Trump was suing author Tim O'Brien at the time for claiming in his book, Trump Nation: The Art of Being Donald, that Trump was not as wealthy as he said he was. When Trump was asked if he ever lied about his properties, he said that he tries to be truthful but, "I'm no different from a politician running for office. You don't want to say negative things." 

When your entire reputation rests on the fact that you're wealthy, shouldn't you live up to it? This just takes away from the little credibility this man had left. Now that Trump seems to have the lying-and-crazy part down pat, maybe he should run for office after all.  


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