Childish Gambino - This Is America (Official Video)

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Judge Marrero ruled that “[a] cursory comparison with the challenged composition reveals that the content of the choruses is entirely different and not substantially similar.” He also noted that the lyrics of Kidd Wes, who filed the lawsuit against Glover in 2021, were a “short, simple, self-aggrandizing proclamation” while “This Is America” touched on “what America means and how it is perceived.”

In addition, the Manhattan federal judge explained that the “flow” of the two songs are not protected by copyrights as they “lack sufficient originality” while “no reasonable jury” will agree that the lyrics are too similar in nature to be labelled as copyright infringement. Finally, Nwosuocha had failed to attain a federal copyright registration for his song, making the dismissal of the complaint warranted. “More could be said on the ways these songs differ, but no more airtime is needed to resolve this case,” Judge Marrero wrote.