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Gawker is reporting on Wednesday that a survey of 10 major real estate developers in the Washington, D.C., area found that six no longer use the description "master bedroom" in the floor plans to describe the largest bedroom in the home.


Why? Here's their explanation:

Because of negative associations with the word master — both on a gender level (it implies a male) as well as uncomfortable historical connotations (for example, a master of slaves), architects and contractors are looking for a more accurate and more politically correct replacement.


Well. That's a whole lot of sensitivity for a city that still has a football team whose name is actually a racial slur.

Current replacements reportedly include "owner's suite," "owner's bedroom" and "mastre bedroom" (unclear how the old-school spelling removes the alleged "uncomfortable" connotations).

Has America's dark racial history ever come to mind when you've heard someone mention the (former) name for the best room in the house? Let us know.

Read more at Gawker.


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