Does 'Homeland' Offer an Anti-Muslim View?

Claire Danes in Homeland (Showtime)

Showtime's hit show Homeland swirls around a woman deciphering who is and isn't a terrorist, but does her search play on Muslim stereotypes? The Guardian writes that the generalizations on the show make the series difficult to stomach.

In the first episode of the new season we were confronted with a new character, a glamorous correspondent with a cutglass English accent, a Palestinian family and access to both the CIA and the US Congress. Like the Saudi prince from the last series and the academic, behind the scenes these high-profile Muslims living in the US share a secret: both willingly or otherwise they are covert helpers of Abu Nasir, the al-Qaida terrorist leader.

In other words, it does not matter whether they are rich, smart, discreetly enjoying a western lifestyle or attractive: all are to be suspected.

I admit I have no idea how the story arcs in Homeland will develop and what surprises are in store. What I do know is how both Arabs and Islamists have been portrayed thus far as violent fanatics, some of whom are powerful and influential infiltrators.

As someone who has spent much time in the Middle East, I find the depictions not only crude and childish but offensive.


Read more at the Guardian.

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