Despite Leaving Town, Bond Not Revoked for Former Officer Who Killed Rayshard Brooks

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Despite going on vacation to Florida earlier this month, bond will not be revoked for the former Atlanta police officer charged with killing Rayshard Brooks.


According to AJC, a judge has ruled that Garrett Rolfe’s bond order will be modified but not revoked. Rolfe was initially granted a $500,000 bond during a June 30 hearing as Judge June Barwick didn’t feel he posed a significant flight risk. While the previous version of his bond order never said Rolfe couldn’t leave the state, the new wording explicitly states that Rolfe must stay at home. Barwick also used her ruling to issue a warning to Rolfe.

“Defendant faces charges related to the killing of another human being, and whether he believes these charges are warranted, he was given the privilege of limited freedom while these charges pend,” Barwick said in her ruling. “Should he and his attorneys have any question as to the meaning of the conditions of his bond, they should seek clarification from the court before acting rather than hoping for continued release after acting. These are strict conditions that shall be adhered to strictly.”

On Aug. 3, Rolfe’s lawyers informed the office of Fulton District Attorney Paul Howard that Rolfe was traveling to Florida to visit family. As a result, Howard requested the judge revoke Rolfe’s bond. Noah Pines and William Thomas, Rolfe’s lawyers, argued that the order didn’t explicitly place Rolfe on house arrest despite, you know, the ankle monitor and curfew.

Rolfe is currently facing 11 charges, including felony murder, for the alleged killing of Rayshard Brooks in June. Rolfe and Officer Devin Brosnan were responding to a call about a man found asleep in a Wendy’s drive-thru. After calmly talking to Brooks for over 40 minutes, an altercation ensued when Rolfe tried to arrest Brooks. Brooks ran away and Rolfe fired three shots, with two striking Brooks in the back and killing him.

Rolfe, who was fired shortly after the shooting, has since filed a lawsuit that demands his job back and argues the shooting was a justified use of force.

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