The Secret Service is a lot more general than the name Desiree Rogers and thus, she's likely to have a shoe put in her for the crashing of the State dinner. The Washington Post:

"Virginia socialites Michaele and Tareq Salahi managed to get past Secret Service, proceed into the dinner — uninvited, the White House says — and pose for pictures with VIP guests and shake hands with the president. Now questions have been raised over whether Rogers, whose office drew up the guest list, was so busy basking in the limelight that she failed to notice what was unfolding in the shadows.

On Thursday, a House committee wants answers from her about how this could happen. A key question: Was anyone from Rogers's office staffing the front gate? Even though Secret Service has accepted full responsibility for the security lapse, Rogers also has indicated that none of her staff was present when the Salahis arrived. As a result, her managerial style is under scrutiny. And her Hollywood persona, fairly or unfairly, could prove to be the most damning evidence of all.

"Just because she has this job, it's not going to make her a worker bee," says a friend who did not want to be identified in order not to offend. "She's glamorous."

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You know what they say about Black White House social secretaries…