Dennis Rodman Unveils Bare-Hoops Idea

Jim Rogash/Getty Images
Jim Rogash/Getty Images

Playing basketball while naked from the waist up sounds like an uncomfortable — if not painful — experience for women. But Hall of Famer Dennis Rodman plans to coach a topless team for HeadQuarters Gentlemen's Club in New York City.


"I don't know too many men that don't like a good-looking woman running up and down around the court," Rodman told the New York Post. He said players will wear shorts and skimpy shirts at first. "They'll come out in a T-shirt or a tank top, but when the game starts, they'll go topless."

Rodman isn't the first former NBA player to be associated with topless basketball. Another strip joint, Rick's Cabaret, formed Rick's Basketball Association in November and landed Spud Webb as one of its coaches.

That news barely caused a blip on the news radar screen, though at least one website shared its outrage. However, Webb isn't close to the eccentric Rodman in his ability to draw attention, whether it's donning a wedding dress, marrying Carmen Electra or having an affair with Madonna.

Rodman is still an attraction at 50, as evidenced by his colorful makeup in the U.S. Pro-Ball Legend Asia Tour, which tipped off last month in Macau.

Topless women's basketball probably won't have the same drawing power as the Lingerie Football League. The LFL, which has 12 teams and games that are televised on MTV2, relies on the incredible lure of football first, scantily clad women second.

Professional beach volleyball is another sport that would seem to have an advantage over topless basketball. USA Volleyball is fully behind the game's "sand" version, which recently received the NCAA's blessing to be offered as a college sport.


It doesn't sound as if Rodman is too serious about the "basketball" in his planned venture. He said that he'll hold auditions at HeadQuarters next week, and he's looking for women taller than 5-foot-10. "You don't have to have too much experience," he said. "Just know how to throw the ball into the hole."

Rick's Basketball Association disbanded when the NBA lockout ended. If Rodman's plan isn't dead on arrival (as it should be), the long-term prognosis is poor.