Either AOC wasn’t there, or she and her staff could recognize crazy from a mile away, because her office was locked, thank God. That didn’t stop Greene and her merry band of “Make America Great Again” hats as they began mocking the New York representative and her staff through the mail slot because that’s a totally normal thing for a grown-ass woman to do.

Greene can be heard telling the congresswoman to open the door.

“Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, I’m an American citizen. I pay your salary through the taxes that you collect for me through the IRS because I’m a taxpaying citizen of the United States,” Greene says, adding that members of Congress are “employees” who “work for us.”


“So you need to stop being a baby and stop locking your door and come out and face the American citizens that you serve,” she says. “If you want to be a big girl, you need to get rid of your diaper and come out and be able to talk to the American citizens. Instead of having to use a flap, a little flap. Sad,” CNN reports.

One of the MAGAts then comes to the mail slot and says, very ominously, “You can’t stay in there forever. Come out and play.”


CNN notes that the video was recorded Feb. 22, 2019 when Greene was just a crazy citizen and not yet a crazy congresswoman. It was reportedly the same day that Greene brought a petition to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office looking to impeach the California Democrat for treason, adding that she should be executed or locked up for her “crimes.”

CNN reports that before becoming a member of Congress, Greene used her social media to call for the execution of several other politicians, including former President Barack Obama, and former Secretaries of State Hillary Clinton and John Kerry, and FBI agents.


Greene can be heard on the video saying, “Bye. Bye. Bye, AOC. Ocasio-Cortez. Bye, bye, baby. Bye-bye, baby. Bye-bye, little baby girl. Ocasio-Cortez—she went and hid. She couldn’t take it,” before leaving.

“She and her companions then rearranged the sticky notes placed on Ocasio-Cortez’s office wall and signed the guest book outside the office by drawing a picture of a border wall before leaving to go to another member’s office,” CNN reports


They were eventually escorted out by security.

Also, don’t forget that as a member of Congress, Greene recently confronted AOC outside the House chamber because she’s bat shit crazy.


But don’t let me tell you. AOC says it in a much nicer way than I ever could: