Deion Sanders Reminds Son of $1,000,000 Trust Fund After ‘Hood’ Tweet

Lynette Holloway
Deion Sanders Jr.
Deion Sanders Jr. via Twitter

In a sign of modern-day parenting, Deion Sanders took to social media this week to put his son in line and maybe even brag a little to their Twitter followers about the youth’s $1 million trust fund.

On Thursday Deion Sanders Jr., a sophomore at Southern Methodist University, tweeted to his 66,100 followers:


The comment prompted his Pro Football Hall of Fame father to tweet to his 911,000 followers:

“lol I still love the hood’s doughnuts,” Deion Jr. said.

Later, Dad made it clear that the he was just kidding around with his son, tweeting, “Just having fun with my son like we always do. He was exposed to the best of both worlds and that’s rare!” 

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