Day Care Employees to Parents: ‘Get Off Your Phone’


Day care employees at a Houston child care facility gave parents with cellphones permanently attached to their faces a few words of advice on the proper protocol when it comes to picking up their rugrats: Get off your phone!


Apparently, most of the parents seem to be preoccupied with their phone calls when they’re picking up their seeds—so much so that it finally annoyed an employee.

Juliana Mazurkewicz spotted the sign above when she went to pick up her child.

“I thought it was pretty funny and relevant,” Mazurkewicz told KSDK. “I’ve seen parents on the phone picking up, but not to the extent that the staff does, I’m guessing.”

“I think that it needed to be said, that it’s a good reminder to all of us. The day care is awesome, they are very loving and obviously have the best interest of the children in mind,” she said. “Their business is our children.”

So far, Mazurkewicz’s post has been shared over 1 million times.

Maybe being on the phone is their way of drowning out the screaming kids? Whatever the case may be, don’t mess with these day care employees because they will put fear in your heart with a sternly worded letter.



Couldn’t give less of a shit about what another parent does with their spawn as regards phones. It only bothers me when their kid is being a little shit to my kid and they’re not paying attention.