Day-Glo Donald’s Secret Fake-News Meeting

Dominick Reuter/Getty Images
Dominick Reuter/Getty Images

Although Donald Trump continues to call legitimate news organizations like CNN, the New York Times and the Washington Post “fake news,” even temporarily barring them from White House press briefings, apparently there is one news source Donald Trump trusts: TMZ.


The New York Times reports that Harvey Levin, the founder of the multimedia celebrity-gossip rag TMZ, met with the commander in chief last Wednesday in a secret meeting. The White House press corps knew nothing of the sit-down because Trump didn’t include it on his official daily schedule.

You read that right: Last Wednesday, in the midst of controversy as the nation’s chief law-enforcement official was discovered to have secretly met with America’s mortal enemy, while North Korea was testing nuclear missiles that could reach the West Coast of this country and as Congress was preparing the new health care bill, our fearless leader set aside some time for the man who pays for footage of C-list celebrities walking through airports to ask them for their Oscar picks.

Trump’s meeting in secret with the head of TMZ after all of his Twitter rants about irresponsible, sensationalist, fake news is like finding out that Umar Johnson was dating Rachel Dolezal. It would be a stunning example of hypocrisy—if it were anyone other than the liar in chief who gets his news from Breitbart and right-wing conspiracy radio.

Reports say that Trump and Levin met about an upcoming television appearance. The two also reportedly discussed the possibility that Trump could help Levin book Tom Brady for this show. The comb-over con artist appeared with Levin last year on OBJECTified: Donald Trump, a Fox special about keepsakes. While having the leader of the free world do a fluff TV show when he won’t hold a real press conference doesn’t sound like a great idea, you must remember:

That Access Hollywood interview with Billy Bush a few years ago turned out extremely well.

Read more at the New York Times.

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Here’s something that I still cannot grasp as someone who does not live in the US;


So, foreign countries, news outlets that reported on VIETNAM and WORLD WAR II, and basically everyone not wearing a tinfoil hat are all lying, at the same time, about your country.

How does Billy-Bob Joe-Bob sit down and go “Yeah, sure CNN and BBC had all that legit war reporting that I remember seeing as a kid, but now they said something about a rich white fucker lying about things to benefit himself. FAKE NEWS! Sad.”

Honestly, folks? My mind is in a bottle...